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High-speed PCB cutting
July 14, 2016
High-speed PCB cutting Speeding-up free-form cutting processes of printed circuit boards can be an extremely challenging task. While commonly used milling processes introduce vibration to sensitive devices, the use of CO2 lasers causes charring - Read more
Interferometer OptoTL-60
March 15, 2016
Interferometer OptoTL-60 is designed specifically for the use in optics manufacturing facilities and laboratories. Places we rugged design, ease of use and fast measurement procedure is important. As a complete solution interferometer comes with - Read more
UniKLasers and Laserpoint join companies we represent
March 15, 2016
We are happy to introduce two new suppliers that have joined the companies we represent: UniKLasers develops and produces Single Frequency DPSS lasers for demanding applications in: Leading edge research, LifeSciences, BioMed, Semicon, - Read more