We are happy to introduce two new suppliers that have joined the companies we represent:


UniKLasers develops and produces Single Frequency DPSS lasers for demanding applications in:

  • Leading edge research,
  • LifeSciences, BioMed,
  • Semicon,
  • Environmental Metrology, etc.

UniKLasers Ltd is the only company, whose Continuous Wave Single Frequency DPSS Lasers uniquely perform at any wavelength within the range from NIR to UV from just a single technology platform, using our proprietary patented BRaMMS DPSS  Laser technology. Whereas conventional light can be dispersed by a prism into a spectrum of constituent colours, our lasers emit just one ultra pure colour.

Using the BRaMMS laser technology we can offer any wavelength within spectrum range

from IR (around 2µm) to through deep UV (<200nm)

from our range of DPSS lasers operating in the CW Single Frequency regime. This is unique for a single platform laser technology.

All UniKLasers products feature laser cavity feedback locked Single Longitudinal Mode CW performance with no lock loss and mode hops during 100s of hours of nonstop operation.

The excellent beam quality with M2 <1.05 emerges from the smallest footprint and at the lowest power consumption for given output, with noise figure as low as < 0.1%rms (10Hz-10MHz).

Benefits of our laser design include:

  • Up to ten times higher conversion efficiency
  • Power scalability without water cooling
  • No mode beating & associated high-frequency noise, which often limits applicability
  • The longest coherence length of over 100m, effectively the path difference over which lasers can interfere.




Laser Point was founded in 1987, as a distribution Company. Over the years, it has diversified its activities into other laser related areas. LaserPoint develops and manufactures innovative power/energy sensors and meters, custom power and energy solutions and power probes. Laser Point’s original fully certified calibration facility and repair centre cover all Europe, while the new open centre in China supports our Asian Customers.

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