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Jumbo Filtertrolley

Experience the new generation of the ULT filter units. Get to know an ultimate solution to extract hazardous substances from the air at your workplace, safely and at a low-noise level. ULT Jumbo Filtertrolley 2.0 optimum design combines features such as great mobility, low weight and low sound level. The innovative arrangement of its components the plastic materials used in its construction make the difference.

  • Handy and compact
  • Functional design
  • Easy to operate
  • Customized designs for medical lasers, laboratories, nail and restoration studios
  • Low sound level
  • Filter cartridges can be recycled


Wherever there is work at hand the production of hazardous substances, also as dusts, smokes or gases, cannot be fully avoided. You are required by law to have these substances removed from the air. A perfect match for our Jumbo Filtertrolley. Its optimum design combines features such as great mobility, low weight and low sound level. The innovative arrangement of its components the plastic materials used in its construction make the difference.

Maximum Flow Rate Maximum Vacuum Power output Power Connection Size Additional information
170 m3/h 2800 Pa 80 m3/h at 1400 Pa 230 V 50 Hz 450x340x530 mm View source

Customized designs

For Medical Lasers For Laboratories For Nail Studios For Restoration

A particular advantage of the ULT Jumbo Filtetrolley 2.0 is its usability as a standard unit for hundreds of specific applications. It is variably adjustable owing to different filter cartridges and suction elements. Soldering smoke, laser smoke and dusts can be extracted and filtered. Another application is the adsorption of gases and vapours. The unit is designed to be operated at one to two workplaces.

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