Beam'R2 XY Scanning Slit System

Beam’R2 XY Scanning Slit System

The Beam’R2 provides affordable, compact, and precise beam profiling with resolutions up to 0.1 µm.

  • 190 to 1150 nm, Silicon detector
  • 650 to 1800 nm, InGaAs detector
  • 1000 to 2300 or 2500 nm, InGaAs (extended) detector
Model Measured Sources Resolution Accuracy Gain Range Update Rate Additional information
Beam’R2 CW; Pulsed lasers‚ Φ µm ≥ [500/(PRR in kHz)] 0.1 µm or 0.05% of scan range ± < 2% ± = 0.5 µm 1‚000:1 Switched 4‚096:1 ADC range ~5 Hz View source


The Beam’R2 is a scanning slit system with rotating slit pairs. The Beam’R2 beam profiler is suitable for use with CW and quasi-CW lasers.

The beam profiler slit widths are 25µm and 2.5µm respectively. This allows the measurement of spots between 0.5µm and 3mm without changing slits, through an automated change from “scanning slit” to “knife-edge” based calculations.

The Sapphire Substrate slits are suitable for lasers with high power densities and have a nearly true 2D shape. This 2D slit shape avoids any shading when you measure small spot dimensions or highly divergent sources.

The scan head is able to rotate around the optical axis. An integrated encoder shows the effective angle in the software. This allows you to easily locate the main axis of an elliptical laser beam by simply rotating the head.

The measurement speed of these slit scanners is <3Hz. Beam profiles are scanned with 12-bit intensity resolution and spatial resolution is <0.1µm.

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