The BeamScope-P8 scanning slit laser beam profilers use a linear slit scan probe to sample the beam, in accordance with the ISO11146 standard.

  • 190 to 1150 nm, Silicon detector
  • 800 to 1800 nm, Ge detector
  • 1.0 to 3.9 µm, InAs detector
Model Measured Sources Measurement Resolution Measurement Accuracy Update Rate Additional information
BeamScope-P8 CW or Pulsed sources > 5kHz Pulse Rep Rate @ 5% duty factor (higher PRR is better) 2 µm‚ or 0.5 % of the measured beam diameter‚ whichever is greater ± 5 µm ± 2% of measured beam diameter 1 to 2 Hz View source


The BeamScope-P8 gives high spatial resolution, of 0.1µm. The open and flexible design allows you to integrate the BeamScope-P8 into very different experimental setups easily. The unique scan design makes direct scanning of laser beam profiles with up to 23mm possible without the need for any imaging optics.

The Sapphire Substrate slits are suitable for high power densities and have a nearly true 2D shape. This 2D slit shape avoids any shading when you measure small spot dimensions or highly divergent sources. The detectors are located directly behind the slits. This allows you to measure the intensity profile directly on the position of interest. It is possible to measure laser beam spot dimensions of <5µm without any problem.

The standard configuration comes with a mounted XY slit pair. This gives the opportunity to measure the X- and Y-profile during only one scan (max. beam diameter is 5 mm).
There are different slits with 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 µm width (7 mm length) available. The different sizes allow you to measure in scanning-slit mode or in knife-edge mode. As an option, an extra-long scan finger can be provided.

The BeamScope-P8 beam profiler is available with different detectors (Si, Ge, InAs diodes) which cover different wavelength ranges from UV to MID-IR. As an option the system can be upgraded by a linear translation stage to allow measurement of the M² factor as well as a 2D raster scan of large beams. The driver of this stage is USB-based.

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