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Benchmark AF8500 Autoflow Lid Placement, Tack and Seam Sealing System

The AF8200 (Autoflow) system for lid placement, tack & seam sealing is flexible enough to meet the ever-increasing demands of lid placement and seam sealing applications as seen in the optoelectronic packaging industry. It can be configured either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a fully integrated automated manufacturing line.

  • Current control mode for sealing
  • Programmable electrode force
  • Most complete line of power supplies in the industry
  • Vision system
  • Electrode roll-back feature


The computer-controlled precision tacking and seam-sealing mechanism of the AF8500 is combined with a high frequency inverter welding power supply and an optional high resolution vision system to provide a robust and repeatable process.  Autoflow can also be incorporated into an atmospheric enclosure to provide an integrated seam sealing glovebox system, insuring high yield hermetic sealing results.

Typical Applications

AF series configurations and options:

  • AF8500-S: Seam sealing
  • AF8500-PST: Lid placement and tacking
  • AF8500-VPST: Lid placement, tacking, and sealing
  • AF1250-S or AF1250-VPST: Automated part handling with lid placement, tacking, and seam sealing – for use with industry standard magazines or part of automated production process

The Windows®-based system can also be easily incorporated into atmospheric enclosures to provide an integrated seam sealing glovebox system, ensuring high yield hermetic sealing results. The easy-touse Graphical User Interface (GUI) long with industry leading electronic controls yield a reliable and simple-to-maintain system.

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