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Benchmark SM8500 Parallel Seam Sealing System

Packed with advanced features, the Windows®-based SM8500, reliably performs welding, brazing, and soldering processes on a variety of metals, metal alloys, plated materials, and solder pre-forms.

  • Utilizes the advanced HF25 weld power supply
  • Programmable electrode force
  • Extended electrode life with electrode Auto-Trak software
  • Position-based weld pulses
  • Circular mode seam sealing
  • 25 kHz feedback rate for closed loop electrical current control


SM8500 can be operated as either a stand-alone unit or fully integrated into a glovebox enclosure for a complete closed-loop hermetic sealing process for applications including optoelectronic packaging, semiconductor packaging, transistor outline package welding, and more.

Typical Applications

Features and benefits:

  • Automatically compensates for variations in lid-to-part dimensions and electrical properties
  • Weld pulse shaping feature ramps energy up or down to reduce cracking and leaks
  • Energy output is independent of input line voltage fluctuations
  • Conditioning weld pulse brings each part to same resistance prior to application of welding current

The SM8500 offers a wide range of part processing capabilites. It can operate as tacker only, sealer only, or combined tacker-sealer. Four-pass welding feature starts weld from center and welds to the part corner – for large part sealing. You can set different energy levels for each axis welded for higher yields on rectangular parts. Accessories such as an optional CCTV camera available to assist the operator for improved lid placement is also available.

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