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DT-250-PH Uni-Slide System

These Desktop Pulsed Heat Uni-Slide series are part of a line of (semi-) automatic systems developed for various hot bar applications, and offer an ideal price-performance (throughput) ratio.

  • Small and flexible systems for high quality connections
  • Ideal price-performance (throughput) ratio
  • Simple adjustable frame construction
  • Various options available
  • Reliable process control, by proven technology of Uniflow Power Supply


The Desktop DT-250-PH and DT-260-PH Uni-Slide series are part of a line of (semi-) automatic systems developed for Heat Staking. The “PH” stands for pulsed heat Hot bar. “CH” which stands for constant heat is also available. The model “250” has a manually operated 2-position slide, whereas the model “260” has a 3-position slide. The Desktop Series delivers the same high bonding quality as the larger and more automated systems. It offers an ideal price-performance ratio for those production environments where labour costs are involved. The Desktop Series can be integrated into a system and R&D environment.

Amada Miyachi Heat Staking Typical Applications

Typical Applications

If the parts require alignment, this can be done in the front (loading) position where the operator has sufficient free space for loading and alignment of the parts, the camera position offers a view that isn’t blocked by the bonding head. The manually operated slide locks into position and is sensor detected. This sensor confirms the correct bonding position of the part and upon activation of the 2-hand control the bonding process is completed automatically.

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