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Amada Miyachi Sigma Tube Cutter

Open Frame Class 1 System

Sigma Laser Tube Cutting System is the ideal solution for precision laser cutting of medical hypo tubes and stents. High speed direct drive stages are mounted to granite isolated from a supporting welded frame.

  • 2, 3 and 4 axes motion options
  • 0.01 – 0.98” tube diameter capability
  • Available for wet and dry cutting
  • Automated tube feeder option
  • Laser source options


Laser cutting systems are rapidly emerging as the preferred choice for many fine laser cutting or machining applications, particularly when superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and/or high volume production is required as in the medical, automotive, electronics, aerospace, and solar industries.  Solid state industrial lasers, which emit light at a short wavelength (typically near 1 micron), provide a reliable, stable energy source, have exceptional beam quality and are relatively easy to integrate into existing manufacturing production lines.  Laser cutting systems offer other advantages as compared to traditional cutting methods including the elimination of the need for hazardous waste removal and a smaller footprint.

Laser Type Power Wavelength Pulse frequency Additional information
Yb:fiber 100/200 W 1070 nm CW, 1 – 50,000Hz View source
Yb:KYW thin disk 5 W 1025 nm 100-500 kHz View source


Axis Travel Maximum Acceleration Maximum Velocity Accuracy
Linear X Axis 250/375/500 mm 1 g 1000 mm/s ± 7 µm
Axis Encoder resolution Maximum Acceleration Maximum Veloctiy
Rotary Axis 1.8 arc sec > 6000 rad/sec2 222 RPM

Multi-axis options of the Sigma Laser Tube Cutter allow users to customize according to the cutting application for both on and off axis cut geometries. The fiber laser offers excellent beam quality and high pulse repetition rates for high speed precision cutting of metals.

Typical Applications

The tube cutter may be configured with either a microsecond fiber (Yb:fiber) or femtosecond disk (Yb:KYW thin disk) laser. The femtosecond disk laser offers best-in-class cut quality using cold ablation cutting to produce an unrivalled edge quality that significantly reduces post processing costs on metals such as nitinol, as well as providing cutting capability for bio-absorbable polymers.

View source

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