nanio_airThe NANIO AIR lasers are a family of Q-switched DPSS lasers engineered for demanding 24/7 industrial applications based on the proven NANIO series platform.

  • Air cooled
  • Superiour pulse to pulse stability
  • High peak power and short pulse width
  • Low cost of ownership
Model Nominal Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width Pulse-to-Pulse Stability Additional information
NANIO AIR 1064  Up to 14 W Up to 300 kHz Up to < 45 ns Up to < 0.5 % View source
NANIO AIR 532 Up to 10W Up to 300 kHz Up to < 30 ns < 1 % View source
NANIO AIR 355 3W 300 kHz < 35 ns < 2 % View source


Available in 1064, 532 and 355 nm the NANIO AIR lasers are designed for applications that require short pulse widths, excellent beam quality and high intensity pulses over a wide range of operating conditions without the need for water cooling. The compact and air cooled system comes with an exceptionally small 1 RU power supply and features quick connectors, wide range AC or 24 VDC supply voltage and the field proven InnoLas Laser Control (ILC) interface which is common to all InnoLas industrial lasers. Typical applications include resistor trimming, ID card marking, PCB marking, LED backlight, ceramic marking.

Superior air cooling

NANIO AIR lasers combine vibration-free air cooling with excellent TEM00 beam quality, output powers up to 16 W and pulse widths below 10 ns. This minimizes undesirable thermal damage of the material and enables consistent and reliable scribing results


Since today’s demanding applications deserve optimized laser parameters, we do not only sell off-the-shelf products. We can tailor our laser performance, design, interfacing or software to perfectly fit your individual application needs.

Applications Lab

Send your samples to our in-house applications lab which offers a wide variety of lasers, scanning and measurement equipment to find the ideal solution for your application tasks. Supported by our application experts, our open house policy allows for fast results and short lead times for your sample processing requests.


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