nanio_1064_25_vThe NANIO series of diode-pumped solid-state lasers is designed to perfectly fit today’s requirements for industrial laser processing systems. The sealed cavity, modular design, fully detachable umbilicals and industrial grade connectors make this laser a rugged tool with exceptional performance and reliability.

  • High peak power and short pulse width
  • Superior pulse to pulse stability
  • Modular industrial design
  • Easy integration and service
Model Nominal Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width Pulse-to-Pulse Stability Additional information
NANIO 355 6 W @ 80 kHz Up to 300 kHz < 35 ns @ 80 kHz < 2 % @ 80 kHz View source
NANIO 532 Up to 20 W Up to 500 kHz Up to < 20 ns Up to < 1 % View source
NANIO 1064 Up to 23 W Up to 300 kHz Up to < 40 ns Up to < 0.5 % View source


Besides customer needs, reliability was the main driving force during the development of the nanio series. Our clean room production and the use of highest quality components ensures consistent quality and longest laser lifetime. Typical applications include ID card marking, LED back light, resistor trimming, ceramic scribing, diamond cutting.


Since today’s demanding applications deserve optimized laser parameters, we do not only sell off-the-shelf products. We can tailor our laser performance, design, interfacing or software to perfectly fit your individual application needs.

Applications Lab

Send your samples to our in-house applications lab which offers a wide variety of lasers, scanning and measurement equipment to find the ideal solution for your application tasks. Supported by our application experts, our open house policy allows for fast results and short lead times for your sample processing requests.

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