InnoLas Laser

The InnoLas picolo AOT series stands for compact and uniquely efficient high repetition-rate short-pulse solid state lasers (sub-nanosecond) operating with high energy in the UV, visible and near infra-red range.

  • Compact laser head and power supply with small footprint
  • High efficiency
  • No external cooling required
Model Repetition Rate Pulse Energy (1064 nm) Pulse Energy (532 nm) Pulse Energy (355 nm) Pulse Energy (266 nm) Additional information
Picolo AOT Up to 100 Khz Up to 150 µJ Up to 60 µJ Up to 35 µJ Up to 10 µJ View source
Picolo AOT MOPA Up to 100 kHz Up to 300 µJ Up to 120 µJ Up to 70 µJ Up to 20 µJ View source


The InnoLas picolo AOT product range comprises oscillator and oscillator/amplifier (MOPA) units. They operate from 0-100 kHz pulse rate, to > 100 µJ pulse energy and > 100 kW peak power.

One of the distinguishing features of InnoLas lasers is their excellent beam profile.

Pulse Width at 1,064 nm Brandwidth Polarisation Spatial Mode Beam Waist Size Beam Divergence Beam Ellipticity
from 800 to 3000 ps <1 nm >1:100 plane polarised TEM00 0.20 mm (nominal) 7.0 mrad (nominal) <10%

These efficient laser sources are finding use in a wide range of industrial, commercial and R&D applications. InnoLas picolo AOT lasers provide pulses of one order of magnitude (or more) shorter than from competitive technology. Shorter, more intense pulses can provide the user many advantages. For example, in precision processing and marking, the short interaction time reduces workpiece heating effects and improves quality. In applications like ranging, and in ‘ excite and probe’ studies, short pulses increase temporal resolution. In non-linear harmonic and parametric processes, the high intensity of the short pulses leads to high conversion efficiency.

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