spitlight_hybrid_iiiWith its Spitlight Hybrid series InnoLas Laser offers compact Nd:YAG laser systems which combine the superior beam quality of diode pumping with the high peak performance achieved by flash lamp amplification.

  • Robust and stable resonator structure
  • Quick and easy replacement of flashlamps
  • Maintenance-free pumping chamber with ceramic reflector
Model Repetition Rate Pulse Energy (1064 nm) Pulse Energy (532 nm) Pulse Energy (355 nm) Pulse Energy (266 nm) Pulse Energy (213 nm) Additional information
SpitLight Hybrid Up to 200 Hz Up to 800 mJ Up to 350 mJ Up to 250 mJ Up to 100 mJ Up to 15 mJ View source
SpitLight SLM Hybrid Up to 30 Hz Up to 500 mJ Up to 300 mJ Up to 170 mJ Up to 80 mJ Up to 30 mJ View source


InnoLas offers Hybrid Lasers of different pulse energies and in an SLM (Single Longitudinal Mode) version:

  • Spitlight Hybrid: I, II, III
  • Spitlight SLM Hybrid

One of the distinguishing features of InnoLas lasers is their excellent beam profile.

Model Pulse Width at ,064 nm Divergence Pointing Stability Beam Diameter Temporal Jitter
SpitLight Hybrid from 8 to 12 ns <0.5 mrad <±50 μrad from 6 to 7 <±1 ns
SpitLight SLM Hybrid 5 ns <0.5 mrad <±50 μrad 6 mm <±1 ns

The Nd:YAG Lasers of the Hybrid series feature compact laser heads and small-sized power supplies. They offer robust and stable resonator structures. Maintenance is facilitated by a long diode and flash lamp lifespan and a maintenance-free pumping chamber with a ceramic reflector. The InnoLas Spitlight Hybrid Lasers provide an excellent beam quality and pointing stability.

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