axr industry solutionsAerotech’s AXR integrated two-axis rotary assembly provides high-speed machining capabilities for complex 3D part geometries. The precision-aligned system allows accurate positioning on a hemispherical surface. Multiple frame sizes with direct- or gear-driven options provide a wide range of load carrying capability.

  • Multiple configurations support a range of load and accuracy requirements
  • Integral rotary union for vacuum- or air-activated tooling
  • High-load gear-drive or high-speed, direct-drive tilt-axis configurations
Model Total Travel Theta1/Theta2 Maximum Speed Theta1/Theta2 Accuracy Theta1/Theta2 Additional information
AXA100 110° / 360° 120 rpm / 1000 rpm ±3 arc sec View source
AXR150 110° / 360° 120 rpm / 600 rpm Up to ±3 arc sec / ±3 arc sec View source


Direct-Drive Yaw Axis

All AXR series rotary combinations feature a direct-drive yaw (B) axis. Direct-drive motors exhibit significantly higher throughput and maintenance-free operation when compared to gear- and screw-driven technology. With peak rotation speeds of up to 1000 rpm, the AXR is capable of supporting high-speed machining processes. A high-resolution encoder enables the axis to run at extremely slow speeds while maintaining excellent velocity regulation and positioning accuracy.

High-Capacity Tilt Axis

The AXR has both direct-drive and gear-driven tilt (A) axis configurations to meet the performance requirements of your specific application. The direct-drive version provides the highest possible operating speed and accuracy for demanding applications. A modular counterbalance system and different yaw mounting heights are available to balance offset loads. The tilt axis can be equipped with a brake to hold axis position when power is removed. For large load applications, the gear-drive units provide significantly higher continuous torque output while the drive mechanism limits motion in the power-off state. The precision anti-backlash gearing enables this higher torque output while still maintaining excellent accuracy and repeatability performance.

Material Handling

The AXR comes standard with an integral rotary union that provides a single pneumatic control signal to the yaw-axis tabletop for customer supplied air- or vacuum-actuated tooling. The AXR can also be outfitted with a 3-jaw manual chuck for maximum part-holding flexibility.

Scalable Product Solutions

With both direct-drive and gear-driven platforms, various yaw table locations, a scalable counterbalance, standard pneumatic feed-through, and an optional 3-jaw chuck, the AXR can be configured to meet the requirements of most two-axis rotary assemblies.

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