fiberglide industry solutionsThe FiberGlide 3D series represents the highest performance miniature three axis air-bearing stages available. Aerotech has combined over 30 years of precision motion control and positioning system experience with the latest technologies to produce a truly outstanding miniature, linear air-bearing stage.

  • Designed for high-performance photonics alignment and assembly
  • Fully-preloaded air bearing
  • Complete noncontact design
Model Total Travel Minimum Step Maximum Speed Accuracy Additional information
FiberGlide 3D Up to 150 mm Up to 1 nn 300 mm/s Up to ±0.2 µm View source


Linear Stage

The linear positioner is a fully preloaded, noncontact design. Inherently frictionless, air bearings have proven to be the standard in precision applications, and Aerotech has now produced a miniature version that is well-suited for the photonics industry. Driven by a noncontact linear brushless servomotor, this stage proves the ultimate solution whether the application requires small, accurate steps or constant smooth velocity. Years of research have resulted in a robust and perturbation-free cable management system.

Feedback and Control System

Directly coupled, noncontact linear encoder position feedback is available with different options. A wide selection of state-of-the-art controllers is available, featuring the Automation 3200 software controller with digital drives.


Convenient rack or panel-mount amplifiers are included with all systems. Aerotech’s expert technical staff is experienced in custom system designs and will work with you to generate a system to meet the unique needs of your application.

Clean Room Compatibility

The air-bearing design is inherently clean room compatible. A high quality cable management system, together with low particulate generation materials, provides compliance to Class 1 with proper integration.

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