fiberalign industry solutionsAerotech’s FiberAlign® series is a high-performance photonics aligning system incorporating best-in-class drive and state-of-the-art axis control technology. Its modular design permits the selection of the number of axes, the distance to be travelled, and the amount of payload, all at high-speed, resolution, and accuracy.

  • 3- to 6-axis photonics alignment
  • Noncontact linear motor drive
  • Turnkey drive and control electronics
Model Total Travel Minimum Step Maximum Speed Accuracy Additional information
FiberAlign 90 50 x 50 x 25 mm 2.5 nm Up to 250 mm/s Up to ±0.3 µm View source
FiberAlign 130 150 x 150 x 25 mm 2.5 nm 150 mm/s Up to ±0.3 µm View source


Automated Production

As alignment accuracies, the quest for higher yields, and device volumes increase, the need for a precise, reliable, and repeatable motion system becomes increasingly important. Due to the rapidly changing nature of components and manufacturing processes, flexibility in system configuration becomes a must. Aerotech’s FiberAlign series responds to and satisfies all of these requirements. More than thirty years of experience serving the high-technology OEM marketplace are reflected in these systems. With the selection of robust system components, high-volume production in a 24/7 manufacturing environment has become a reality.

Advanced Drive Technology

Only noncontact direct-drive technology offers the robust, accurate, high-speed and high-resolution positioning necessary for mass production of precision devices. Aerotech’s state-of-the-art patent-pending drive technology offers industry leading resolution of 2.5 nanometers combined with high positioning speeds of greater than 250 mm/s. Utilizing ultra-quiet linear drives and advanced control technology, coupled with high-performance, best-in-class signal multipliers, Aerotech’s FiberAlign series offers the best position repeatability, accuracy, and in-position stability to meet the motion system requirements of higher yields.

Fast Vision Alignment and Power Scanning Algorithms

A comprehensive software toolkit provides easy access to commonly used functions. Alignment functions such as hill climbing from a power meter input, and raster, square, or circular spiral scans, are easily implemented via standard functions. In addition to the automated tools, both joystick and on-screen jog control are available for manual operations.

FiberAlign 90 or 130

To satisfy the ongoing positioning and processing needs of the photonics manufacturing industry, Aerotech offers the FiberAlign 90 and 130 series. Both series’ basic three-axis model can be extended with additional axes to satisfy the requirement to control motion in six axes: X, Y, Z, T (yaw), P (pitch), R (roll).

FiberAlign 90 represents the more compact version (1/3 the volume of FiberAlign 130) and is ideal where space is limited and travels need not exceed 25 millimeters in the primary axis. Due to its smaller size, the effective payload is also less than its larger version, the FiberAlign 130. By attaching the Universal Mounting Post to the Z axis, additional axes can be attached to provide high-resolution, high-accuracy rotary motion. This flexible arrangement permits the user to purchase only the number of axes needed to perform the task, yet allows further expansion if needed.

Yaw rotary motion is provided by Aerotech’s ANT-20RA, a direct-drive, high-resolution rotary actuator, while pitch and roll motion are provided by Aerotech’s advanced ANT- 20G patent-pending, direct-drive, high-resolution goniometer. The rotary devices offer a 20 degree angular range with industry-leading resolution of up to 0.027 arc second.

The FiberAlign 130 is similar in construction to the 90 but offers a larger travel and larger load carrying capability in a slightly larger envelope. Travel for the X and Y axes are selectable up to 150 millimeters.

The FiberAlign 130 also accepts the ANT-20RA rotary actuator and the ANT-20G goniometers, providing six axes of motion control. Due to its larger size, the FiberAlign 130 also can accept the ADR-75 direct-drive rotary table that offers 360 degrees of continuous rotary motion.

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