laserturn1 industry solutionsThe LaserTurn® series of products are the first dedicated motion subsystems targeted directly at cylindrical laser processing applications. The integrated linear-rotary system combines automated material handling functionality and wet cutting operation with high performance direct-drive linear and rotary motion.

  • High integration linear/rotary motion platform
  • Clear aperture for product feed-through
  • Direct-drive linear and rotary motor technology
Model Total Travel X/Theta Maximum Speed X/Theta Accuracy X/Theta Additional information
LaserTurn 1 100 mm/ 360° 300 mm/s / 1000 rpm Up to ±0.5 µm / ±25 arc sec View source
LaserTurn 2 Up to 300 mm / 360° 2 m/s / 800 rpm Up to ±1.0 µm / ±15 arc sec View source
LaserTurn 5 Up to 300 mm / 360° 2 m/s / 800 rpm Up to ±1.0 µm / ±15 arc sec View source


Integral Tooling Platform

The LaserTurn® series can be equipped with front and rear tooling platforms that include tapped holes on four surfaces for various fixture mounting. The tooling platform is bolted directly to the base of the linear stage providing a stiff, common inertial frame of reference. Custom fixtures such as bushing alignment, part collection, or automated material advance assemblies can easily be attached. Metric or English-based hardware and hole patterns are available as are custom configurations with application specific features.

Direct-Drive Technology

The LaserTurn® series utilizes direct-drive noncontact motor and encoder technology for both the linear and rotary axes. Direct-drive motors exhibit significantly higher throughput and maintenance-free operation when compared to gear and screw-driven technology. Linear and rotary encoders coupled directly to the load have the highest level of system accuracy and repeatability over the operating lifetime of the stage.

Normalized Parts Per Hour (With Equivalent Tolerance)


Part Accuracy Versus Cycle Time Comparison


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