maskalign indusrty solutionsAerotech’s MaskAlign series stage is a high-performance photomask-aligning system designed to meet the exacting requirements of advanced semiconductor and flat panel writing systems. The MaskAlign incorporates proprietary drive technology and offers best-in-class speed, resolution, accuracy, and repeatability.

  • Three-axis photomask alignment stage
  • Standard interface for six or eight-inch masks
  • Integral vacuum groove for mask retention
Model Total Travel XY/Theta Minimum Step XY/Theta Aperture Accuracy XY/Theta Additional information
MaskAlign100 100 mm / 20 deg 10 nm / 0.017 arc sec 70-120 mm ±1µm / ±1.5 arc sec View source
MaskAlign150 150 mm / 20 deg 10 nm / 0.017 arc sec 70-170 mm ±1µm / ±1.5 arc sec View source


Mask Alignment and Retention

The MaskAlign has a built-in alignment system that guarantees proper mask placement with minimal effort. Fixed pins are used to set the mask location while two locating mechanisms push the mask into its final position. Once the mask is properly aligned, an integral vacuum channel holds the mask in place. All of these features assure proper mask alignment and retention during the writing process.

Noncontact Direct-Drive

Only noncontact direct-drive technology offers the robust, accurate, and high-speed positioning necessary for mass production of precision devices. The X and Y axes use Aerotech’s brushless linear motors for non-cogging, noncontact, high-performance positioning. The theta axis uses a proprietary curvilinear motor based on Aerotech’s world-class linear motors. This complete direct-drive solution ensures a robust system with the highest performance available.

Precision Positioning

With linear resolution options to 10 nm and rotary resolution of 0.017 arc sec, the MaskAlign can meet the needs of even the most demanding applications.

The compact integrated design has an inherent advantage over stacked systems — since the overall height is reduced, so are the effects of Abbe error. But even with a compact design, the MaskAlign still provides up to 150 mm of xy motion and 20 degrees of theta motion.

The MaskAlign also uses a very flexible cable management system (CMS). The horizontal CMS allows larger bend radii which significantly increases cable life while at the same time minimizes total overall height. This system also makes all interconnections very simple and straightforward. This is accomplished with a single bracket that keeps all electrical and pneumatic connectors in one convenient location.

Robust Design

Aerotech has a long history of designing and building motion control and positioning components, as well as complete positioning systems. This knowledge is applied to each of our components and systems, resulting in robust designs that are meant to function continuously in a production environment.

Flexible Configurations and Custom Designs

Aerotech manufactures a wide range of servo amplifiers and advanced controllers to provide a complete, integrated package. In addition, custom systems are routinely designed, manufactured, tested, and certified to customer specifications.

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