photonics alignment systemAerotech’s FiberMax® represents a significant breakthrough in the high-volume manufacturing and testing of photonics components. Simply stated, FiberMax is the highest performance, smallest volume fiber-alignment system in the world today. It is designed to meet the demanding needs of critical photonics alignment in a highly automated, 24/7 production environment with no compromise in speed, accuracy, and resolution.

  • Up to six axes of precise motion
  • Noncontact direct-drive for all axes
  • Direct-drive rotary axes, T-P-R
Model Number of axes Minimum Step Accuracy Additional information
FiberMax Up to 6 Up to 2 nm Up to 0.027 arc sec View source


Automated Production

A highly repeatable, precise, and industrial-grade positioning system is the foundation for high-volume manufacturing and testing of photonics components. FiberMax’s highly reliable, unique drive and control technologies assure many years of maintenance-free service in a high throughput, 24/7 manufacturing environment. When configured with the Zero Z™ option, FiberMax’s compact size and design features permit positioning the optical axis to virtually any height above the tabletop, providing easy access to components by the operator or other devices.

Noncontact Direct-Drive

Only noncontact direct-drive technology offers the robust, accurate, and high-speed positioning necessary for mass production of precision devices. FiberMax utilizes advanced direct-drive technology pioneered by Aerotech (patent pending) to achieve the highest level of positioning performance. These high-performance, non-cogging, noncontact, high-speed, high-resolution, and high-accuracy drives are employed to position all of the axes (linear and rotary) in FiberMax. This unique drive technology offers a significant (several times higher) throughput advantage over conventional screw- and piezo-drive-based systems.

Fast Vision Alignment and Power Scanning Algorithms

To further automate the manufacturing process, we provide a flexible machine vision toolkit for quick and accurate alignment of components for first light. Our machine vision system is employed as a position encoder to resolve the location of parts. Our easy-to-use graphical user interface allows customers to quickly determine necessary inspection processing for part location detection. The inspection results can then be used directly for incremental moves to align the components. Once the components are aligned, our power servo scanning algorithms can be called to optimize power coupled through the devices. Standard scanning routines include 2D, 3D, 4D, and fast align, hill climb, spiral, and raster searches.

Virtual Pivot Point

Our Virtual Pivot Point software can rotate parts at a location in space other than the physical rotation point of the FiberMax. This assists the speed and accuracy of active alignment. Users have great latitude to customize the software for their specific needs. We have an extensive range of software and hardware options to suit our customers’ needs.

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