tlg_4000 industry solutionsThe TLG (Toric Lens Generator) is a single-axis, high-speed oscillating tool optimized for the production of toric lens profiles. Competitive oscillating tools are designed to manufacture multi-faceted lens profiles in metallic materials.

  • Fast tool servo designed specifically for cutting toric lens profiles
  • Compact drive technology
  • Non-proprietary, open programming syntax
Model Total Travel Maximum Speed Acceleration Additonal information
TGL-4000 4000 µm 600 mm/s 20 g View source


Open Programming Language

The TLG and its supporting drive technology are designed to work with Aerotech’s A3200 Automation platform, a scalable networked system capable of supporting up to 32 axes. The A3200 system is programmed directly in industry standard G-code or with AeroBasic™ commands that provide access to capabilities beyond standard machine-tool syntax. Tool paths are created using the standard toric “Z” height algorithm which is completely accessible to the user. The algorithm can be customized to support an aspheric base profile or non-orthogonal major and minor toric axes.

Compact Design

The TLG uses Aerotech’s Ndrive-FLS (Fast Linear Servo) drive technology. The linear power stage reduces following errors during the direction reversals of the tool resulting in submicron-level form errors. At 100 x 223 x 174 mm in size the Ndrive-FLS is significantly smaller than competitive drive products allowing it to be mounted inside the machine base, reducing the overall size of the machine.

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