mps50sv_mps75svAerotech’s MPS-SV series lift stages provide high-performance elevation motion in a compact, cost-effective design. Offered in two sizes (MPS50SV and MPS75SV), these lift stages are perfect for applications ranging from light-duty laboratory research to high-duty-cycle production processes.

  • Compact, high-performance elevation stage
  • Precision-ground ball screw or lead screw
  • DC or stepper motor options
Stage model Total Travel Accuracy Minimum Step Maximum Speed Maximum Acceleration Additional information
MPS-SV 5 mm Up to ±1.0 µm 0.05 µm Up to 5.5 mm/s - View source


High-Accuracy Construction

All MPS-SV stages feature a precision-ground ball screw and preloaded crossed-roller bearings providing smooth and accurate geometric performance, exceptional accuracy and repeatability, and 0.05 µm minimum incremental motion capabilities. The MPS50SV is also offered with a lead-screw drive option for more cost-sensitive applications.

MPS-SV motor options include a DC servomotor with rotary encoder and a stepper motor. A precision-machined wedge design and lateral constraint system provide high stiffness and load capacity while at the same time providing proper constraint of lateral motions.

Vacuum and Mounting Options

As with all MPS-series stages, the MPS-SV stages are available in an optional vacuum preparation to 10-6 Torr that includes a vacuum-rated connector. An optional mounting plate provides direct mounting to both English and metric optical breadboard tables. The inherent mounting compatibility of all MPS stages allows for simple mounting in multi-axis arrangements.

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