vts300Aerotech’s VTS300 accurately positions loads up to 450 kg and the small volume allows the positioning of high loads in space-constricted applications. Typical applications range from step and settle placement to large force generation. Multiple units can be combined for lift and tip/tilt motion.

  • Extreme load carrying capability, up to 450 kg, in a compact package
  • Small stage footprint
  • Lead screw does not back-drive, allowing “set and forget” operation and excellent in-position stability
Stage model Total Travel Accuracy Minimum Step Maximum Speed Maximum Acceleration Additional information
VTS300 Up to 200 mm Up to ±25 µm 64 nm 5 mm/s - View source


Outstanding Design and Construction Features

The VTS300 series stages incorporate the highest quality components to provide superior positioning performance over a long lifetime. The base and table are fabricated from high hardness, high stiffness special alloy aluminum.

Pre-loaded angular contact ball-bearings support the 0.1 inch/rev precision lead-screw. The table moves on linear motion guide bearings providing excellent payload capability and long-life, even with heavy offset loads. The linear bearings also provide outstanding accuracy as well as exceptional flatness and straightness specifications over the length of travel.

Angular contact ball-bearings transmit shear forces and support excellent translation characteristics even with heavy loads. The anodized tabletop has a steel insert to support a tooling ball upon which the load would rest, providing a point lift for tip/tilt configurations.

The VTS300 series stages are available with matched stepping or brushless servomotors. The motor drives a high capacity 90° gearbox.

Options Include Vacuum Preparation for 10-6 torr

A number of options increase the flexibility of the VTS300 series stages for a wide range of applications. Vacuum preparation for operation in vacuum chambers to 10-6 torr is available. The stage also has movable limit switches so that customers can adjust the travel range.

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