ats3600The demand for a high accuracy, robust, open-frame stage is met with the ATS3600. This dual-axis, large aperture, open-frame stage addresses the unique needs of scanning microscopy, wafer and printed circuit board inspection and automated assembly.

  • Large, clear aperture
  • High-performance linear motion guides
  • Noncontact linear encoder for high accuracy
Stage model Total Travel Accuracy Minimum Step Maximum Speed Additional information
ATS3600 Up to 400 mm Up to ±1.0 µm/25 mm Up to 5 nm 200 mm/s View source


Design and Construction

Unlike other designs that are assembled from several discrete pieces, the ATS3600 is a three-piece design. This allows critical components such as orthogonality, straightness and flatness to be controlled during the initial machining, resulting in a stage with exceptional geometrical tolerances and inherent orthogonality.

The ATS3600 utilizes high-precision linear motion guide (LMG) bearings, with a total of four trucks per axis. These make the ATS3600 ideal for fast, repetitive operations. The LMG bearings also exhibit exceptional stiffness, high load capacity and extremely low friction.

The high stiffness inherent in this stage allows it to be side-driven, yet still retain excellent performance characteristics. The ATS3600 represents a major upgrade in performance over typical side-drive stages.

Motors and Drives

The ATS3600 includes two high-performance NEMA 23 BMS series brushless, slotless motors. This motor has all of the advantages of a brushless motor – high acceleration, no brushes to wear and lower heating – yet has zero cogging for the ultimate in smooth motion.

Optional Linear Encoder Feedback

A high-resolution, noncontact linear encoder is available as an option. This noncontact encoder offers exceptional repeatability and stability over a range of operating conditions. Both digital and analog output versions are available. The digital version has a resolution of 1 µm, while the analog version, when coupled with an Aerotech multiplier box, can reach resolutions of 20 nm.

Alternate Configurations

All stage travels offer both single- and dual-axis designs, as well as the option for a solid tabletop. For the ultimate in performance, a linear motor version is available – please refer to ALS3600.

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