DC seriesThe 1000 series motors are Aerotech’s high-performance brush-type rotary DC servomotors. These motors are designed for a variety of general and high-performance motion control applications. Custom mechanical or electrical configurations are also available with minimal lead time.

  • Dynamically balanced, skewed rotor for exceptionally smooth velocity
  • Standard NEMA 23, 34, and 42 frame sizes
  • Standard stainless-steel shaft resists corrosion
Model Stall Torque, Continuous Peak Torque Maximum Bus Power Additional information
1000  Up to 1,48 N·m Up to 7.1 N·m Up to 137 V View source


Skewed Rotor

The 1000 series DC motors feature a dynamically-balanced skewed rotor and tachometer assembly for less cogging and smoother velocity control. The skewed laminations help reduce the effects of torque ripple that can cause velocity disturbance. The result is a much smoother velocity profile for such applications as machine tool, medical, semiconductor, and scanning.

Standard NEMA Frames

The 1000 series motors come in standard NEMA frame sizes including 23, 34, and 42. The standardized flange and shaft dimensions make it easy to mount to existing NEMA-based machines.

Each motor is constructed from high-grade materials including a stainless-steel shaft, double-shielded bearings, and precision machined housing. Full burn-in of each motor ensures long-term reliable operation.

Wide Torque Range

The 1000 series DC motors cover a wide range of torque to meet virtually all high-end DC motor applications. Continuous output torque ranges from 0.25 N·m (35 oz·in) to 1.48 N·m (210 oz·in). Peak output torque ranges from 1.84 N·m (260 oz·in) to 7.1 N·m (1000 oz·in).

Customized Applications

Standard motor models are available with and without a DC tachometer in different voltage constants. Options include alternative windings, metric shafts and flanges, encoders with line driver or amplified sine-wave output, rear housings with integral cables, or MS-style heavy-duty connectors.

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