blmfsThe BLMF series linear motors are designed to provide a lower cost and lower profile alternative to conventional linear motor applications.

  • Non-magnetic forcer provides high force with zero cogging for super-smooth velocity and position control
  • Unlimited travel length by stacking magnet tracks
  • High-energy, rare-earth magnets used in magnet track for high acceleration capability
Model Continous Force 1.4 bar (20 psi) Peak Force Maximum Bus voltage Additional information
BLMF Up to 136.0 N (30.6 lb) Up to 543.9 N (122.3 lb) 340 V View source


The forcer assembly contains Hall-effect devices, and a thermal sensor, and is a compact, reinforced ceramic epoxy structure.

Offering high peak forces in its standard configuration, BLMF motors are available with higher-power magnets that can be used to increase output force.

These linear motors are ideal for any application requiring high levels of positioning resolution and accuracy. Tracks are stackable for any travel length. The BLMF linear motors are also for cleanroom use as they produce no particulates.

The BLMF can be driven using standard Aerotech brushless amplifiers and controllers to provide a complete, integrated system.

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