blmxThe BLMX series “U-channel” brushless linear servomotors offer over 49% greater continuous output force in the same physical envelope than similar models from other manufacturers.

  • 49% greater continuous output force in the same physical envelope than competitive models
  • 152.0 mm high x 50.8 mm wide cross section
  • Special magnet options available for increased force output
Model Continous Force 1.4 bar (20 psi) Peak Force Maximum Bus Voltage Additional information
BLMX Up to 1063 N (239 lb) Up to 4252 N (956 lb) 340 V View source


BLMX series motors feature a high-efficiency magnetic circuit design that provides continuous force ratings to 1063 N (239 lb) and peak forces to 4252 N (956 lb). This extremely high level of performance can be enhanced with special high-strength magnet options that increase force output.

The BLMX forcer assembly contains Hall-effect devices, and a thermal sensor, and is constructed of reinforced ceramic epoxy. This ironless design eliminates eddy-current losses that otherwise would limit speed and produce additional heat.

BLMX linear motors are direct drive and consist of a forcer and “U-channel” rare-earth magnet track. This design eliminates backlash, windup, wear and maintenance issues associated with ball screws, belts, and rack and pinions.

The BLMX series nonmagnetic forcer eliminates cogging and magnetic attraction to allow for extremely smooth motion and very tight velocity and position control. These linear motors are ideal for applications demanding the ultimate in force output. BLMX series linear motors are forgiving to align, easy to assemble, and keep the magnetic field well-contained. Magnet tracks are stackable for any travel length. These motors are well-suited for industrial applications.

The BLMX can be driven using standard Aerotech brushless amplifiers and controllers to provide a complete, integrated system.

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