Aerotech’s BM series highlights top-quality brush-less rotary motors that exhibit a high-performance design, a wide torque range and, an impressive application versatility. These brush-less permanent magnet rotary servomotors feature standard NEMA frame sizes, rare-earth magnets, and skewed stator designs.

  • Standard NEMA frame sizes
  • Rare-earth magnets maximize performance
  • Skewed stator design minimizes torque ripple and cogging for smooth velocity control over a wide speed range
Model Stall Torque, Continuous Peak Torque Maximum Bus Voltage Additional information
BM  Up to 1.2 N·m  Up to 3 N·m Up to 340 V View source


High-Performance Design

The BM series consists of Aerotech’s high-performance brushless permanent magnet rotary servomotors. The motors feature rare-earth magnets for maximum torque and acceleration in a small package. A skewed stator design provides low torque ripple and smooth velocity. Unlike DC brush-type servomotors, the BM series are brushless and maintenance free. This makes them ideal for critical applications where downtime cannot be tolerated.

In addition, the BM series motors have very high power density resulting in high torque in a compact package. Optional IP65 sealing make these motors ideal for harsh environments such as machine tool.

Wide Torque Range

The BM motor series covers a wide range of torque and package sizes. Continuous output torque ranges from 0.16 N·m (22.5 oz·in) to 31.6 N·m (280 lb·in), with peak torques to 94.9 N·m (840 lb·in). Standard frame sizes include NEMA 17, 23, 34, 42 and 56. This makes it easy to mount any motor to Aerotech’s gearbox line with no adapter plates. These motors are well-suited to general purpose and high-end servo applications.

Application Flexibility

The standard motor has a 1000-line encoder (4000-line count after quadrature), RS-422 line driver output with Hall effect device outputs for commutation, and MS connectors. Options include increased encoder resolution, sealing for IP65 level protection, brakes, and gearboxes. Standard models can be delivered from stock and custom variations can be engineered to your requirements with minimal lead time.

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