bmsAerotech’s BMS series brushless, slotless servomotors represent the ultimate in high-performance rotary motors. Available in standard NEMA frame sizes, these motors utilize a slotless stator design for superior velocity smoothness and control.

  • Slotless, brushless stator design provides zero cogging torque for unsurpassed velocity control
  • Standard NEMA frame sizes
  • Ultra-high resolution capability with amplified sine-wave encoder and multiplier
Model Stall Torque, Continuous Peak Torque Maximum Bus Voltage Additional information
BMS Up to 2.86 N·m  Up to 11.43 N·m 340 V View source


Smoother than DC Motors

The BMS series motors can replace standard brushless or brush-type motors when superior velocity smoothness and control are required. DC brush-type motors have been popular in applications such as machine tool and scanning because of their smooth low-speed control. The BMS motors provide superior smoothness and have higher acceleration capability than a DC brush motor. Higher acceleration results in higher machine throughput and performance.

High Performance Design

The BMS series is unlike conventional brushless servomotors because it incorporates a totally slotless stator design that provides the ultimate in smooth velocity control. These motors are designed for applications requiring superior torque and stability performance. The unique design of the BMS series motors provides a closer inertia match with mechanical systems than comparable models. This means better stability and easier tuning.

Ultra-High Encoder Resolution

The BMS series motors can be equipped with a variety of encoder resolution options for any application. In addition to the standard RS-422 line driver output, an optional amplified sine-wave encoder can be used to provide ultra-high resolution. Aerotech offers encoder multipliers as an option for drives connected to the A3200 system, as well as external multiplier boxes. Resolutions as high as 1,000,000 counts per revolution are achievable.

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