s-seriesThe S-series motors are Aerotech’s high-performance brushless, frameless torque motors. The motors feature rare-earth magnets for maximum torque and acceleration in a compact assembly.

  • Slotless, brushless ring motors with high torque output and zero cogging
  • Frameless design for easy integration into OEM machines
  • Various winding options available
Model Stall Torque, Continuous Peak Torque Maximum Bus Voltage Additional information
S Up to 2.86 N·m Up to 11.43 N·m Up to 340 V View source


High-Performance Design

The S-series motors utilize a slotless stator design and high pole-count rotor to provide zero cogging for exceptional velocity stability. The laminations contain no slots, eliminating torque ripple and cogging torque that produces velocity disturbance. The S-series motors are well-suited for direct-drive applications such as printing and scanning where velocity ripple cannot be tolerated.

Wide Range of Output Torque and Sizes

The S-series slotless motors cover a wide range of torque and package sizes. Continuous torque ranges from 0.20 N·m to 29.09 N·m. Peak torque ranges from 0.82 N·m to 116.37 N·m. The open design of the S-series motors allows for custom winding or mechanical variations to meet any application need.

The S-series motors are designed for applications in OEM machines. The S-50 (50 mm diameter) motor is ideal for small, tight spaces such as spindles or small feed rolls. The S-180 (180 mm diameter) and S-240 (240 mm diameter) can accelerate large print drums or precision positioning tables.

Easy Machine Integration

All S-series motors are supplied as two pieces – a slotless stator and a permanent magnet rotor. The stator is a standard 3-phase winding assembly with Hall-effect devices. They can be driven using a simple six-step or sinusoidal commutation algorithm. Aerotech’s Ndrive series amplifiers are performance-matched to the S-series motors for easy integration. The hollow rotor mounts directly to a drive axis with no gearing required.

Custom variations can be engineered to your requirements with minimal lead time.


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