smAerotech’s stepper motors meet NEMA frame size standards for flange-mounted size 23, size 34, and size 42 motors. High quality materials and construction ensure a long service life, even in harsh environments.

  • Torque of 0.27 to 7.42 N·m (38 to 1050 oz·in) covers virtually any application requirement
  • Standard 200 full step (1.8 degree/step) design is ideal for microstepping to 50,000 steps/revolution
  • High quality materials used throughout, including stainless-steel shaft and double shielded ball bearings
Model Stall Torque, Continuous Peak Torque Maximum Bus Voltage Addittional information
SM Up to 7.4 N·m Up to 160 V View source


Standard Models

Standard models have flying leads (enclosed terminals on the 1010SM), rear shaft extensions, and load-end shaft flats for secure load coupling. The motors have a standard black textured finish.

Optional rear housings are available that provide either a bulkhead connector or integral cable termination. Rear housing models include versions with a high-accuracy home marker encoder, standard optical encoder, and manual adjustment knob.

Home Marker Models

An optional home marker encoder can be added to the standard models. The home marker provides an inexpensive means of establishing a highly accurate (0.1 micron in most Aerotech positioning systems) home reference.

The home marker encoder is protected in a rugged rear motor housing that also provides either a connector (“B” versions) or integral cable/connector (“C” versions) termination of the encoder’s leads, as well as the motor and limit switch leads.

Optical Encoder Models

An optical encoder with 500 or 1000 ppr is available for the SM series. The three-channel (A, B, marker), amplified-sine or line-driver encoder is housed in a rugged rear motor housing. All leads, including the motor and limit switch leads, are terminated in a connector (“B” versions) or integral cable/connector (“C” versions).

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