adrhAerotech’s ADRH 100, with its compact profile and high speed, direct-drive rotary motor, provides a compact alternative to traditional high-speed rotary spindles.

  • Low profile for space-conscious applications
  • Direct-drive, brushless, slotless servomotor
  • Direct-coupled, high-accuracy rotary encoder
Model Aperture Maximum Speed Accuracy Maximum Load Additional information
ADRH none 2500 rpm  2 µm 41 kg View source


Compact Package

The ADRH 100 rotary stage’s low-profile design was made possible by Aerotech’s strong engineering capabilities and extensive experience in manufacturing high-speed rotary stages. From a proprietary motor design that is based on Aerotech’s standard S-130 series motors, to a structural design based on the latest rotary stage technologies available, the ADRH includes best-in-class design components.

Brushless Direct-Drive

The ADRH 100 uses direct-drive brushless motor technology to maximize positioning performance. Direct-drive technology is optimized for 24/7 production environments as there are no brushes to replace and no gear trains or belts to maintain. Direct drive also provides quicker acceleration and higher top speeds than gear- or belt-driven mechanisms, yielding higher overall throughput. The low maintenance and high-speed characteristics of the ADRH 100 provide a stage that yields the lowest total cost of ownership.

Accurate Positioning

The ADRH 100 offers superior performance for high accuracy applications with synchronous error motions ≤2 µm and asynchronous error motions ≤4 µm. The high-performance motor and rotary encoder are directly coupled to a common shaft. The absence of gear trains and mechanical couplings mean no position errors caused by hysteresis, windup or backlash.

OEM Version for Application Flexibility

An OEM version is available for applications requiring integration into a custom machine. The OEM version offers the same performance characteristics as the standard stage, but allows the user to eliminate or modify different characteristics of the stage. For example, the user can provide their own cable management system or customize the mounting holes.

Flexible Configurations

Aerotech manufactures a wide range of servo amplifiers and advanced controllers to provide a complete, integrated package.

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