OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAerotech’s ADRT series direct-drive rotary stages provide superior angular positioning and velocity control. Applications range from indexing to high-speed laser machining to precision wafer inspection.

  • High torque output, direct-drive brushless servomotor
  • Cog-free design for outstanding velocity stability
  • Outstanding wobble and runout
Model Apperture Maximum Speed Accuracy Maximum Load Additional information
ADRT Up to 100 mm Up to 1500 rpm Up to 5 arc sec Up to 170 kg View source


Superior Mechanical Design

Dual large-diameter bearings are used to maximize performance with respect to wobble, moment stiffness and repeatability. The large diameter bearings permit large payloads without compromising performance.

Brushless Direct Drive

To maximize positioning performance, the ADRT series utilizes Aerotech’s S-series brushless, slotless motor. This motor has all of the advantages of a brushless direct-drive motor – no brushes to wear, no gear trains to maintain and high acceleration and high speeds. Since it is a slotless, ironless design, there is zero cogging, meaning that there is absolutely no torque ripple.

With its low inherent inertia and optimized motor design, the ADRT is capable of speeds and accelerations that are significantly higher than other competing products. These stages have a lower height profile compared to competing products within given torque ranges.

The low inertia and zero backlash make the ADRT the ideal solution for applications requiring frequent directional changes.

Accurate Positioning

Line counts range from 3600 to 5400 lines per revolution. When coupled with Aerotech’s MXH series resolution multipliers, resolutions can be as fine as 0.12 arc sec.

The motor and high-performance rotary encoder are directly coupled to a common shaft. The absence of gear trains and mechanical couplings means no position errors caused by hysteresis, windup or backlash.

Flexible Configurations

Options include a high-precision bearing for improved accuracy, smoothness and run-out performance. Slip rings and rotary unions are available to ease integration of custom tooling, and a holding brake is available to limit movement of the stage during large impulse loads or when power is removed from the motor.

The ADRT is the only rotary table available with integrated “T-slots.” These slots can be used to mount the table horizontally or to attach custom application specific fixtures.

Aerotech manufactures a wide range of servo amplifiers and advanced controllers to provide a complete integrated package.

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