apr rotaryAerotech’s APR series direct-drive rotary stage is excellent for high-accuracy rotary positioning. The precision-machined and ground stage parts coupled with high-precision angular contact bearings result in exceptionally low error motions, accuracy errors and repeatability errors. In addition, high resolution optical encoders provide excellent pointing capability with low-jitter velocity tracking.

  • Accuracies up to 1.5 arc second
  • Axial load capacity up to 250 kg
  • Incremental or absolute encoders
Model Aperture Maximum Speed Accuracy Maximum Load Additional information
APR Up to 100 mm Up to 800 rpm Up to 1.50 arc sec Up to 250 kg View source



The APR stages are perfect for rotary testing, pointing, optical calibration systems and metrology systems. Several more specific applications include single and multi-axis electro-optic sensor testing, resolver or optical encoder accuracy testing, missile seeker testing, antenna testing, inertial navigation device testing, photonic component alignment, high-accuracy laser machining and precision wafer inspection. Multiple APR stages can be combined for high-accuracy azimuth/elevation or azimuth/roll systems. Vacuum-prepared and other customized versions are also available for specialized applications.

Accurate Positioning with Incremental or Absolute Encoders

The APR provides the flexibility of using high-resolution absolute or incremental optical encoders. The absolute encoder option allows instant initialization at the time of power up and eliminates the need for a home cycle. Incremental encoders are available for a cost-effective, accurate, high resolution, high dynamic performance stage. Both incremental and absolute encoders provide exceptional accuracy and fine stepping capability. The APR stages are available with high-accuracy encoder options. In addition, calibration can be employed to further improve the accuracy of all APR stages.

Low Total Indicator Runout (TIR) Mounting Surfaces

On standard APR stages, the payload is mounted directly to the precision-ground stage shaft via an eight-bolt hole pattern on the top of the shaft. The top surface and the aperture of the shaft are precision–machined for minimal surface runout with respect to stage motion. Precision-ground tabletop options provide more traditional metric or English hole-patterns while maintaining low surface runout of the tabletop mounting surface and aperture.

High Speed, High Bandwidth

Rapid acceleration and high velocity are key features of the APR stages. Customers can command rapid incremental or continuous rotary motion with the high-torque brushless motors in the APRs. Due to the direct-drive motor and the stage’s high stiffness, the APR can provide high-bandwidth motion for oscillations, motion profiling and rapid position or velocity tracking.

Brushless Direct-Drive

To maximize positioning performance, the APR series utilizes Aerotech’s brushless, slotless motors. Various winding options and motor stack heights are available for applications ranging from high-speed at a low input voltage or low current to high torque at a higher voltage. The motors are noncontact, so there are no brushes or gears to maintain. This allows the APR stages to provide many years of high performance operation with low cost of ownership. The motor’s slotless, ironless construction features almost zero cogging (torque ripple). This makes the APR ideal for applications requiring outstanding contoured motion, smooth scan velocity and precision motion profiling.

High Load Capacity and Large Moment Stiffness

Sturdy stage construction and separated angular contact bearings result in large load capacity and high moment stiffness for the APR stages. The APRs can excel in applications where the rotation axis is parallel or perpendicular to gravity and the payload center of gravity is cantilevered away from the stage.

Flexible Controller Configurations

Aerotech designs and manufactures a wide range of servo amplifiers and advanced controllers to provide a complete, integrated electro-mechanical package. Aerotech linear amplifiers provide the most precise positioning for demanding accuracy and in-position stability. Aerotech PWM digital drives provide high power for rapid acceleration and high torque applications. Whatever your application, Aerotech can provide a complete motion system solution to perfectly match your requirements.

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