asr1200Aerotech’s ASR series direct-drive rotary stage was designed to meet the demanding needs of high-performance precision machining. The low-inertia motor and high-accuracy encoder make it the ideal combination of speed and accuracy.

  • High dynamic, precision performance
  • Low inertia shaft for maximum acceleration
  • Package design optimized to minimize stage weight
Model Aperture Maximum Speed Accuracy Maximum Load Additional information
ARS1000 14 mm 2000 rpm ±15 arc sec 3 kg View source
ARS1100 Up to 14 mm 800 rpm ±15 arc sec 3 kg View source
ARS1200 5.8 mm 800 rpm ±15 arc sec 3 kg View source


Compact Packaging

The design of the ASR series direct-drive rotary stage was optimized to minimize stage weight. The resulting product – with a net overall weight under 5 kg – is significantly lighter than previous offerings. When used to replace an existing rotary stage in a multiple-axis system, an increase in performance can be expected for all positioning stages carrying the rotary stage.

Flexible Options

A large aperture aids high-volume production by providing the means for continuous product feedthrough. For applications requiring a collet, several shaft options are available to easily interface to existing machine designs.

Aerotech manufactures a wide range of matching drives and controls to provide a fully integrated and optimized solution. Aerotech’s high-power brushless amplifiers are available in several convenient packages and the controller options range from stand-alone indexers to sophisticated PC-bus-based controllers with unmatched contouring routines and system tools.

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