SoftwareAerotech offers a variety of integrated automation software solutions that are designed for quick, easy set-up, fast development and commissioning and unparalleled performance for both simple applications and the power user. With over 40 years of motion control experience, we’ve listened to our customers and developed software that is flexible, scalable and provides the user with the high-performance features they want and need, while simplifying and speeding the development of your application through intuitive and user-friendly features. For example, our Motion Composer suite offers a Configuration Manager to organize your applications, calculators for quick and easy setup, extensive diagnostics to speed commissioning, an Integrated Development Environment for fast development, data acquisition and analysis tools to increase performance, all in a fully compliant .NET 2.0 environment that shortens the development cycle. Add to that a complete line of complementary software tools available for each of our controller platforms (A3200, Ensemble and Soloist), and you have a truly robust, intuitive, high-performance software platform in which to develop your unique application.

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