linear stages(1)Leading-edge manufacturing, particularly in the semiconductor and data storage industries, demands positioning tolerances beyond the capability of conventional ball-screw and mechanical-bearing positioning systems. The ABL Linear Stages series, with its air-on-air preload, exceptionally high stiffness, and excellent geometric characteristics was designed specifically to meet those demands

  • Designed for high-performance scanning and inspection
  • Active air preload on all air bearing surfaces
  • Linear encoder feedback provides subnanometer resolution
Stage model Total Travel Accuracy Minimum Step Maximum Speed Maximum Acceleration Additional information
ABL1000 Up to 150 mm Up to ±0.2 µm  0.5 nm 300 mm/s 1 g View source
ABL1500 Up to 500 mm Up to ±0.2 µm 1 nm 2 m/s 2 g View source
ABL1500-B Up to 500 mm Up to ±0.3 µm 1 nm 2 m/s 2 g View source 
ABL1500WB Up to 500 mm Up to ±0.4 µm 1 nm 2 m/s 2 g View source
ABL1500WB-B Up to 500 mm Up to ±0.5 µm 1 nm 2 m/s 2 g View source
ABL2000 Up to 1200 mm Up to ±0.5 µm 1 nm 2 m/s 2 g View source
ABL8000 Up to 1000 mm Up to ±0.5 µm 1 nm 2 m/s 2 g View source


ABL series stages are the highest performance miniature air-bearing stages available. Aerotech has combined our extensive precision motion control and positioning system experience with the latest technologies to produce a truly outstanding miniature, linear air-bearing stage.

Linear Stage

The linear positioner is a fully preloaded, noncontact design. Inherently frictionless, air bearings have proven to be the standard in precision applications and Aerotech has now produced a miniature version. Driven by a noncontact linear brushless servomotor, this stage proves the ultimate solution whether the application requires small, accurate steps or constant smooth velocity. Superior magnetic field and motor coil design result in the highest force output of any miniature air-bearing stage, with superior servo performance. Years of research have resulted in a robust and perturbation-free cable management system.

Feedback and Control System

A wide selection of state-of-the-art motion controllers is available, including the Automation 3200 software-based controller with digital drives and the Soloist and Ensemble stand-alone controllers.


Convenient rack or panel-mount amplifiers are included with all systems. Aerotech’s expert technical staff is experienced in custom system designs and will work with you to generate a system to meet the unique needs of your application.

Zero Maintenance

Our totally noncontact air bearing, noncontact linear motor drive, and noncontact feedback device ensure years of maintenance-free operation at the high performance levels that are expected of Aerotech equipment. Because there is no mechanical contact between moving elements, the ABL Linear Stages experiences no wear or reduction in performance over time. Service life is virtually unlimited and since there is no lubrication – only clean, dry gas – air bearings are ideal for cleanroom and medical applications.

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