ALS series stages incorporate the highest quality materials and design elements. The result is a high-reliability linear stage with excellent accuracy, straightness and flatness performance and a virtually unlimited, trouble-free service life, making it the ideal solution for laser machining, medical component manufacturing and other applications requiring high accuracy.

  • High-performance direct-drive linear motor for superior servo performance
  • Sealed design – ideally suited for cleanroom applications
  • Fully integrated cable management system
Stage model Total Travel Accuracy Minimum Step Maximum Speed Maximum Acceleration Additional information
ALS130H Up to 150 mm Up to ±0.3 µm Up to 0.5 nm 300 mm/s 1 g View source
ALS135 Up to 200 mm Up to ±0.3 µm Up to 2.5 nm 300 mm/s 1 g View source
ALS1000 Up to 450 mm Up to ±1.0 µm Up to 5 nm 750 mm/s 2 g View source
ALS2200 Up to 150 mm Up to ±0.75 µm 3 nm 500 mm/s 1 g View source
ALS5000 Up to 450 mm Up to ±1.0 µm Up to 1 nm 2 m/s 3 g View source
ALS5000WB Up to 1000 mm Up to ±1.0 µm Up to 1 nm 2 m/s 3 g View source
ALS20000 Up to 600 mm Up to ±1.0 µm Up to 1 nm 2 m/s 3 g View source
ALS25000 Up to 600 mm Up to ±1.0 µm Up to 1 nm 2 m/s 3 g View source


Superior Construction

Designed for applications requiring exceptional smoothness of travel, the ALS Linear Stages utilizes precision crossed-roller bearings. Since there are no recirculating elements, vibration throughout travel is minimized resulting in outstanding velocity stability. Machined from a stress-relieved special aluminum-alloy extruded base, the ALS2200 has excellent stiffness and long-term stability.

Linear Motor Drive

Unlike other linear motor stage designs that utilize an iron-core flat motor design, the ALS series Stages is driven by a high-power ironless forcer and U-channel magnet track. This design is superior in high-performance applications. Since the BLM is ironless, it is a cog-free design. The lack of cogging enables extremely tight velocity control as well as superior contour motion profiles without sacrificing speed or acceleration. The magnetic field of the BLM motor is totally self-contained within the U-channel design. Most high-performance applications cannot tolerate the stray magnetic fields generated by flat motor magnet tracks.
The BLM’s magnet track is composed of opposing rows of high-power magnets that help to generate high output forces. This approach eliminates the need for an iron-based core, which has an inherent magnetic attraction between the forcer and the magnet track. This attractive force presents an additional load to the bearings that reduces stage life and performance.

Enclosed Design

To protect the stage from debris and particulates, the ALS Linear Stages incorporates a full-length metal waycover and advanced sealing system. Tensioned side straps are used in lieu of bellows which are difficult to keep clean and increase the overall stage profile. The straps are in a vertical orientation that prevents debris from accumulating and the straps are under constant tension to create a tight seal.

Cable Management System

Extensive R&D has resulted in an optimized cable management system (CMS) that is designed for millions of cycles of maintenance-free operation. Designed to provide a turnkey system for both single- and multi-axis systems, upper-axis cabling is incorporated into the overall system CMS. To facilitate integration into the final system, a spare 25-pin D-connector and cabling are included for customer use. Custom configurations are common and are readily available.

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