ATS_Linear_StagesThe ATS Linear Stages were designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. A rigid base, fully sealed metal waycovers and high-performance brushless servomotor make the ATS Stages the stage of choice in industrial applications such as laser machining, ceramic scribing or any other application requiring high accuracy in a production environment.

  • Long life linear motion guide bearing system
  • Low cost; high performance
  • Ultra-fine resolution
Stage model Total Travel Accuracy Minimum Step Maximum Speed Additional information
ATS100 Up to 200 mm Up to ±0.5 µm 0.5 µm 100 mm/s View source
ATS150 Up to 250 mm Up to ±1.0 µm Up to 0.001 µm Up to 230 mm/s View source
ATS0300 50 mm ±2.5 µm 0.1 µm 4 mm/s View source
ATS1500 Up to 300 mm Up to ±4 µm Up to 1.0 µm Up to 180 mm/s View source
ATS2000 Up to 300 mm Up to ±1.0 µm Up to 0.005 µm Up to 280 mm/s View source
ATS5000 Up to 1000 mm Up to ±1.0 µm Up to 0.005 µm Up to 300 mm/s View source
ATS5000WB Up to 1000 mm Up to ±1.0 µm Up to 0.005 µm Up to 300 mm/s View source

Construction Features

ATS series stages are machined from a special cast aluminum alloy to provide a high strength-to-weight ratio and long-term stability. The base is a box design that provides exceptional stiffness and stability.

ATS series stages employ a precision-ground ball screw that is pre-loaded to eliminate backlash, and its nut has wipers to prevent contamination and maintain high accuracy throughout the life of the stage. High quality, pre-loaded duplex bearings are used to eliminate axial play.

All ATS series stages incorporate Linear Motion Guide (LMG) bearings to provide high load capability and high stiffness. The LMG design provides a compact stage with continuous carriage support over the entire travel and good cantilevered load capability. Integral wipers on the bearing trucks help ensure stage travel life. Highly accurate optical limit switches and end stops are also standard.

Integral bellows-type waycovers protect the drive and bearing system from contamination. Metal surfaces are protected with an attractive clear anodized finish. Both metric (standard) and English mounting and bolt-hole patterns are available.

Rugged Construction

The greatest attention to detail is evident in all aspects of the ATS series design. The tabletop utilizes stainless steel Helicoil™ inserts to protect mounting holes against thread wear. An integral metal waycover is provided to protect the stage from hot sparks or debris. Both the metal waycover and tabletop are treated with a hardcoat (Rockwell 62 hardness) that is scratch-resistant and provides outstanding protection in the harshest applications.

To further provide the stage with protection from a caustic environment, the ATS series utilizes Aerotech’s unique tensioned side-strap system. The straps are in a vertical orientation that prevents debris from accumulating on top of them and are tensioned to create a tight seal. An optional air-purge fitting is available that allows air to be forced into the body of the stage. This creates a positive pressure that prevents any particulate, no matter how fine, from entering the stage.

To aid in system assembly, the base mounting holes are located outboard of the stage. Therefore, the stage can be mounted without removing the hardcover.

Motors and Drives

Included with all ATS series stages are Aerotech’s BMS series brushless rotary motors. This motor has all of the advantages of a brushless motor – high acceleration, no brushes to wear and lower heating – yet has zero cogging for extremely smooth motion and accuracy. Aerotech manufactures a wide range of matching drives and controls to provide a fully integrated and optimized motion solution.

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