PRO_Stages(1)A PRO LM Series linear motion guide bearing systems and high-performance brushless linear servomotor make PRO LM Series stages of  choice in industrial applications such as laser machining, medical component manufacturing and other applications requiring high accuracy in a production environment.

  • Direct-drive linear motor for ultra-precise motion
  • Long-life linear motion guide bearing system
  • Side-seal design provides superior debris protection
Stage model Total Travel Accuracy Minimum Step Maximum Speed Maximum Acceleration Additional information
PRO165LM Up to 1000 mm Up to ±1.5 µm 250 nm 2 m/s 3 g View source
PRO225LM Up to 1500 mm Up to ±1.5 µm 250 nm 2 m/s 3 g View source
PRO280LM Up to 1500 mm Up to ±2.0 µm 250 nm 2 m/s 3 g View source
PRO560LM Up to 1500 mm Up to ±2.0 µm 250 nm 2 m/s 3 g View source

Construction Features

Sealed linear motion guide bearings with integral wipers are incorporated to provide excellent payload capability and long life. Both the metal waycover and tabletop are treated with a hardcoat that is scratch-resistant and provides outstanding protection in the harshest applications. The tabletop utilizes stainless steel Helicoil® inserts to protect mounting holes against thread wear. Several tabletop options are available for metric or English mounting, as well as for direct interface with our popular ADRS and AGR rotary stages. In addition, configurable cable management options are available for single- or multi-axis systems.

Linear Motor Drive

Aerotech’s high-power, cog-free, BLMC series linear motor drives the PRO LM. The non-magnetic forcer coil provides high force with zero cogging for super-smooth velocity and position control. This zero-cogging design is ideal for applications requiring outstanding contour accuracy and smooth velocity profiling. As with all Aerotech linear motor stages, the linear motor has zero backlash, no windup, zero friction and outstanding system responsiveness. The magnetic field of the linear motor is totally self-contained within the U-channel design. Many high-performance applications cannot tolerate the stray magnetic fields generated by flat motor magnet tracks.

High Performance

Noncontact linear encoders with micron-level repeatabilities are standard on all PRO LM series stages. A line-driver output or amplified sine-wave output encoder is available.

The optional HALAR factory calibration further increases the standard accuracy and repeatability. Aerotech manufactures a wide range of matching drives and controls to provide a fully integrated and optimized motion solution.


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